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Attachments for backhoe loaders

Attachments for backhoe loaders
Hinged equipment for backhoe loaders and front – end loaders-quick hydraulic equipment, which allows to significantly expand the functionality of this road construction equipment. Excavators-loaders are mobile and maneuverable, have a large load capacity. They are equipped with a hydraulic system and a full set of hydraulic equipment. As the main "tools" of backhoe loaders are used: front (constantly) – loading bucket and fork, rear (replaceable) –excavator bucket and hydraulic hammer.   Excavators can perform large amounts of work and can replace a number of machines and construction mechanisms.   Recently, there has been an increase in sales of backhoe loaders and front-end loaders. Terex, NewHolland, Caterpillar, Komatsu, JCB, Volvo, Cass, HIDROMEK, HYDREMA, MST, Tarsus, Veniere, JohnDeere – these are the brands of modern backhoe loaders and wheel loaders, well-established in the Russian market.     Compared to mini-loaders, this is quite a powerful road-building machines, allowing to carry out a range of work: loading and transportation of bulk goods and soil, layout, trenching, breaking frozen ground, demolition of the old pavement etc. it Should be noted that the "front" of the regular equipment is not quick. In this regard, the area of application of backhoe loaders and front-end loaders is narrowing.   But the functionality of the machines can be enhanced through the use of on the front suspension of additional equipment: road brush, blade, brush hopper, watering equipment, blower etc. And the use of additional equipment due to "mastroyannis" not very "distracting" as backhoe loaders and front loaders from the primary production process, allowing you to save on additional pieces of equipment.